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Pablo Gindel’s Dynamixel AX-12+ Arduino Library, v2.3 –> Download

Arduino – AX12 library help by Anton Zalutsky:

I’m a senior at WPI. My team is working on a pretty intense project and we were just working with ax-12 servos and needed a cheap way to test them… I had an arduino but wasn’t sure if it was capable to perform the tests. My team was fortunate to stumble upon your site and find the library.

Though there was a lot of confusion I’d love to resolve some of this for any american speaking people that have an issue:

We had an Arduino Mega (Necessary because of the Rx/Tx connections)
We used the AX-12′s.

The connections can be found on , page 6 of the pdf.

You will be connecting to the port on the left side of the axle (the bottom port on the picture with pin assignment )
The data will connect to both RX1 and TX1 (pins 15/16 or something)… NOT RX0, TX0! That was our biggest misunderstanding.

I downloaded
and put it in the arduino/libaries/ folder
It is to my understand that the 2.2 version works just as well but I haven’t tested it yet.

Be sure to go into the hardware/arduino/cores/HardwareSerial.cpp and make the following changes::

// modificación para usar la biblioteca AX12

unsigned char c = UDR1;
store_char(c, &rx_buffer1);


After that, load up the test pde and load it.
Be sure to ground and power your servo!
It needs 7-10 volts.

Good luck! 


Arduino Dynamixel F.A.Q. (wiki)


1) How to wire Arduino and ax-12?
R: you have to wire TX and RX together to AX12 data pin. I case of Arduino Mega or 2560, use TX1 and RX1.


2) How to install library?


3) What sketchfile (pde) should I use to test library?

R: once library is installed, go to “examples” on your Arduino IDE and load ax12_test.pde.


217) How to wire Arduino to RX-series using a RS485 breakout board from SparkFun?


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